Installation of the Memorial Sign for the Bacharach familiy
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Memorial Signs for the Bacharach Family,
Frauenstraße 24


Memorial Signs for the Bacharach familiy at Frauenstr. 24

The siblings Karoline, Isaak and Julius Bacharach lived together with the wives of the brothers, Betty and Klara Bacharach, at Frauenstraße 24. The familiy owned both, a business for leather goods, as well as an umbrella shop in the centre of Munich. Only Betty Bacharach survived forced resettlement and later the deportation to the Theresienstadt ghetto; thanks to an exchange transport, she reached Switzerland in 1945.

In memory of the Bacharach family, a commemorative event was held on 19 July in the courtyard of the städtische Riemerschmied Wirtschaftsschule München. Speakers included Henry Stern, the initiator of the Memorial Signs, Manuela Baumgart, head of the business school, and city councillor Gabriele Neff, representing the Lord Mayor of the City of Munich, as well as Dr. h.c. Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Andrea Stadler-Bachmaier of the City District 1 - Altstadt-Lehel, and Shmuel Aharon Brodman, Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria.

At 3 pm, the Memorial Signs for Karoline Bacharach, Klara Bacharach, Isaak Bacharach und Julius Bacharach were installed at the former residence of the family at Frauenstraße 24.

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

2 p.m.
Commemoration at Städtische Riemerschmid Wirtschaftsschule München
Frauenstraße 19

3 p.m.
Installation of the Memorial Signs at the former residence,
Frauenstraße 24

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Images: Tom Hauzenberger

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