Erinnerungszeichen für Georg Pöltl
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Memorial Sign for Georg Pöltl,
Ismaningerstraße 77


The memorial for Georg Pöltl

The teenager Georg Pöltl was picked up by the police with a friend at the beginning of February 1945.

During interrogation, they confessed to stealing wine, food and clothing from bombed-out houses. As the prisons in Munich were overcrowded, they were taken to Dachau concentration camp for ‘alternative detention’. The concentration camp was also completely overcrowded at the time, the prisoners were starving and typhus was spreading.

After insisting on being allowed to visit her sixteen-year-old son in Dachau at the beginning of April, Georg Pöltl's mother was told by the SS that her son had already died of blood poisoning the week before.

On Tuesday, 4 June 2024, a memorial event for Georg Pöltl took place at the Monacensia of the Hildebrandhaus.

 City Councillor Kathrin Abele, representing the Lord Mayor, and Anke Buettner from the Monacensia, Dr Dirk Riedel from the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial and Thomas Hennet, the initiator of the Memorial Sign for Georg Pöltl, spoke, as were family member Paul Maria Wittmann and Florian Ring from the Bogenhausen district committee.

Afterwards, the Memorial Sign for Georg Pöltl was placed at his former place of residence at Ismaninger Straße 77.

Tuesday, 4 June 2024
4:00 p.m.
Commemorative event at the Monacensia in the Hildebrandhaus

Maria-Theresia-Str. 23

  • Anke Buettner, Monacensia in the Hildebrandhaus
  • Councillor Kathrin Abele on behalf of the Lord Mayor of the City of Munich
  • Dr Dirk Riedel, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
  • Thomas Hennet, initiator of the Memorial Sign
  • Paul Maria Wittmann, Relative of Georg Pöltl
  • Florian Ring, District Committee 13 - Bogenhausen

5:15 p.m.
Installation of the Memorial Sign for Georg Pöltl at his former place of residence

at Ismaninger Straße 77

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