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Rosa Gabriele Wolfsheimer, geb. Bonn

Tengstr. 25

Frankfurt am Main
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Als Jüdinnen und Juden Verfolgte
Erinnerungszeichen (Tafel)

Rosa Gabriele Bonn was born on September 27, 1869 in Frankfurt am Main. She was the daughter of Anton and Henriette Bonn, née Wachenheimer. Nothing is known about her schooling or vocational education. In 1889 she married Albert Wolfsheimer, the owner of a textile factory. The couple had three children: Emma Henriette, born in 1890, Bertha, born in 1892, and Ernst Eduard, born in 1898. Along with her own children, Rosa Wolfsheimer also raised the son from her husband’s first marriage, Ludwig. The Wolfsheimer family moved to Munich in 1896 and first lived at Herzog-Heinrich-Straße 16, before moving into the Schubertstraße 3 in 1908. From March 1913 the Wolfsheimer family lived on the second floor of the spacious corner house at Tengstraße 25. Hardly anything is known about the life of the family. Albert Wolfsheimer died on June 7, 1926 in Munich. Rosa Wolfsheimer decided in 1930 to move into Tengstraße 31. Once the Nazis were in power she had to move house several times, her last address, from February 15, 1934, was Hohenstaufenstraße 3. On August 12, 1935 Rosa Wolfsheimer died of asthma, aged sixty-five. She was buried next to her husband at the New Jewish Cemetery in Munich. Like many Jewish families, Rosa Wolfheimer’s children were scattered across the globe as a result of Nazi persecution. Ludwig Wolfsheimer emigrated to Britain in 1939 and adopted the English family name Wolseley. Emma Wolfsheimer, married to Julius Rothschild since 1911, also managed to survive the Shoah. Bertha Wolfsheimer fled to the United States with her husband Fritz Neuburger. Ernst Wolfsheimer moved to Leipzig at the end of 1919. Nothing is known about his further fate. (text Elisabeth Rosa M. Noske, editor C. Fritsche, translation P. Bowman)

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