Plaque with Memorial Sign
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Memorial Sign for Dr. Hugo Daffner is being replaced



The new Memorial Sign for Dr. Hugo Daffner has just arrived. After a helpful hint from a researcher, we corrected the date of death on the Memorial Sign. We will replace the plaque at Ickstattstraße 17 within the following days.


We are always grateful for relevant tips. Please contact us at if you have noticed an error or if you have any questions about the texts on the commemorative plaques.


Dr. Hugo Daffner had studied music and later medicine and earned a doctorate in both subjects. From 1933 onwards, he worked exclusively as a composer. The Nazis disliked his compositions as much as his lifestyle. For those reasons they sent him to Dachau concentration camp in 1935, where he died in 1936 under unexplained circumstances.

New Memorial Sign for Hugo Daffner